Art Make In India Set Decor

Working in collaboration with the event management, we take the whole responsibility of interior and exterior sets for the said event. All of the large or small items that fill a room or outdoor area are selected by the team to enhance the visual realism of the whole event; these objects include furniture, drapery, knickknacks, and the main stage of the event. The process begins with pre-event meetings with the management, director of photography, and other design department heads along with our 200 artists team which focuses only on the materials to be used in the events to give as much as specialized look as possible; there the creative team discusses the visual style of the stage and entry, including lighting, arena, and other design elements, which are pivotal to establishing the overall aesthetic as envisioned by the team. With this information in mind, we work closely with the management and other co-workers to prepare an event budget that outlines estimated expenditures for purchase or rental of event arena and necessary co-workers; it will be our task to monitor this budget on daily basis and keep records. In a nutshell, ART MAKE IN INDIA makes sure that the event is planned and executed as per the client’s need and the event takes place smoothly up to the client’s satisfaction.