Art Make In India Foundation


  1. ArtMakeInIndia Foundation that promotes Handicraft  Maker’s.
  2. Handicraft are made from raw material and can be produced in unlimited numbers.
  3. Such product can be utilitarian, artistic, creative, culturally attached, decorative, functional, traditional, and social symbolic.
  4. The Handicraft Society is one of the most important productive sectors.
  5. Craft are unique expression that represent  a culture, tradition and the heritage of a country.
  6. India is one of the important supplier of handicraft  to the world market.
  7. As per latest update , there are  more than 23 million craftspeople in India today engaged in the growth of Indian handicraft Society.


  1. Our Mission is to connect makers to buyers.
  2. Further we want to export our Handicraft & expand our Market in Globally.
  3. ARTMAKEININDIA The only Website giving opportunity to Handicraft makers to Sell products in Digital Market.


  1. We Provide Market Linkages To Indian Artisans Through Several Methods That Include Online Stores, Exhibitions & Sales, Commissioned Projects, Corporate, Gifting, Programs, Workshops ETC.
  2. Avoid China and Machinery product completely.
  3. Providing commercially useful information and assistance to members in developing and increasing exports.