I have the experience in Art and Craft since past 22 years and now it seems as an inseparable part of my life. To begin with, I am highly influenced by the situations around me as well as the religiousness of my country India. Just by saying India, I’m sure people would have a huge flash of colours, religion, festivals and much more and all of that has a glimpse in my art. I have mastered in making of customised nameplates and paintings of Lord Krishna and Radha. Many a times it happens that people want to know my inspiration and the place where I learnt my art. The answer is “self-taught”. No jokes, but since my youth I’ve been inspired by the small things that happens around me, something that would go unnoticed by others. Maybe, that’s the reason many people have complimented me for the uniqueness and pureness in my paintings. I am really grateful for the knowledge I own and to share it further in the society and let them know what knowing an art form means I have conducted various classes, workshops, events and lately the website Art Make in India. Through these many years, I’m convinced that people don’t care about the talents and things they easily and abundantly receive. So is the case with art. With the industrialization, although it is very important to improvise and industrialise for better development of the country, it is equally important for a country like India to preserve its vibrant and beautiful culture in the form of arts and crafts. I myself am striving for the betterment of the Indian Handicraft Sector and hope that my fellow Indians to support the Indian art and handicraft products and promote them for the betterment of our nation.